Mobile grandstands from Papp Works are for rent!
Ideal choice for street festivals, fairs, stadiums, temporary halls, sports courts, school ceremonies, campaigns, road-shows or any other events where there is a need for open-air grandstands that can be mounted quickly.

New dimensions are opened among open-air grandstands by Papp Works’ mobile grandstands with their capability for traction and having only 10 or 12 rows height. No more broken, damaged or missing spare parts fallen from the truck, no more colleagues injured while building the scaffold.

You need only one worker to operate this hydraulically moved and easily mounted construction. Safety bars surrounding grandstands are built together with the seats and frames, so they are always in the right place, no need for assembling or disassembling them, one can never miss them by chance!


350 seats, bench design: 209 seats, plastic chair design: 180 seats, bench design:
12 rows
14 meters long
7 meters wide
3,7 meters high in opened status
9 rows
14 meters long
7 meters wide
3,7 meters high in opened status
10 rows
9 meters long
6 meters wide
3,6 meters high in opened status


Safety bars are automatically assembled while mounting the construction.
Steel construction, seats are made of larch – high resistance of weather conditions.
10 or 12 row height guarantees the good view of fields or grounds.

180 or even 350 people can be seated on one mobile grandstand.

Quick and simple – it can be mounted within 10 minutes by one worker.
In winter wood benches are not cold. In summer they are not warming up as much as seats made of metal.
The construction is suitable for road traction without special permissions.
Floor under seats and footboards are closed, thus protecting little children from injuries, preventing losing or falling down of mobile phones, wallets, keys or other tiny things.
Built-in stairs with bars help in reaching the seats.

Mobile grandstands from Papp Works are ideal choices for companies travelling a lot and often being in need of temporary seats.